• Frenchie, the brown tabby, and Flynn, the red tabby, with their new mom Nish.  Thank you for opening up your home and your heart to these precious little babies. Wishing you a lifetime of prayers and kisses.

  • Rocky living the good life with his new family and happy with his new buddy Karma!  Rocky and Sarah. 

  • Reston and Rosie. Congratulations to Reston and Rosie, now named Mittens and Yeti. They have found their loving forever homes. Congratulations to their new mom and dad!. Thank you so much for opening up your hearts and your home to these precious little babies. May you have a lifetime of happiness, with plenty of hugs and kisses.

  • Collette with her new friend, Tavish.

  • Ricky and Rascal with their forever parents.

 Ayana and her new family

 Coco and Sherri

 Mitzy and Mallory

 Cinder and Chevelle

 China and Chrissy

  • Congratulations to Nancy and her new family. Thank you Molly and John for opening up your heart and your home to this precious baby. May you have a lifetime of wet kisses and lots of purring.


  • Tommy and Tillie were rescues and just adopted by a wonderful family. Love all around!

  • Shelly has settled right in!  She and Grayson get along well and have some high-speed chases through the house.  She is inquisitive and friendly and a VERY good eater. 
  • Smokey. She has been adopted by wonderful family and will be going to her new family this evening.

  • Raz and Remi - Arlington, VA
    "Look how great the kittens are doing.  They are wonderful."

  • Their names are Florence and Sable. Two different litters Florence came in trapped and had babies all the kids were adopted and she was finally adopted. The adopt-a-family came back a month or so later and decided to adopt Fable to keep her company. As you could see they love each other.

  • Mark - he's gotten very comfortable; his new owners have sent me this picture as you can see he has made himself very comfortable and is now "I'm happy" member of the family.

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