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Bowie Farmers' Market

The Bowie Farmers’ Market runs Sundays from late May through October each year. Market patrons can find a variety of Connie's items for sale at the market. View the Scrunchie video below.  Watch the slideshow of Farmers' Market photos.  Plan to visit Connie's booth on Sundays. Early shopping for the holidays!

Location: Bowie High School parking lot, 15200 Annapolis Road
Dates: May through October
Hours: 8 a.m. to noon.

Scrunchies, Quilts, Bowl Cozies, Totes, and much, much more!!!!  For Sale by Connie. Bowie Farmer's Market. Sundays from May through October. 8-Noon. Call 301-980-0444 for more information. Go to Creations by Connie to view or purchase.

Photos above are from the Farmers' Market on September 19. You can do your entire Holiday shopping at Connie's booth. Visit! Stop by and chat! Purchase! Something for everyone!


Events - Volunteers Needed!

.Many Ways to Participate with us -
Sew pillows, comforters, etc.
Crochet balls, squiggles
Nursery, give love and attention, feeding, litter
Staff tables at events, lots of events coming up this summer
Pass out flyers
Help with the Newsletter, Website
Call for details, join as a volunteer via website

Upcoming Events
Supply drives at grocery stores
Adoption events
Stuffed toy drives
Comforter, toy and mor projects
Yard Sale and more.  Email

Cause for Paws Cable Programs

Scheduled @9:30am Channels 11 (Verizon)  and Channel 77 (Comcast).

Meet Coco. Coco is the sweetest little boy.  As you can see he's very friendly and loves attention. He comes from a home that had another cat. The other cat was aggressive very aggressive I mean really aggressive toward this baby.  So much so that it caused little sweet Cocoa to have physical issues. Animal medical center of Watkins Park and Dr Sue Maturo took Coco in, took care of his medical issues and brought him back to a very very healthy state. We are now looking for a foster home for Cocoa until he finds a permanent home or someone who is interested   in adopting him.  It will need to be the right home where he is going to be the only pet . He is a very sensitive delicate sweetheart and he does not need any more aggression from any other animal. If you are interested in this sweetheart either fostering or visiting him for a possible adoption, please contact Animal medical center of Watkins Park or myself Connie Carter we will be happy to let you meet him and discuss the possibility of fostering or adoption. Thank you so much for your consideration. Anybody who adopts this baby is going to be so happy and will have a life full of happiness and a great companion.

What is Cause for Paws Cares?

We are a non-profit charity of dedicated volunteers.  We believe in education, prevention, and rescue.  Our success is due to our passion and commitment.

Donations to Cause for Paws Cares, Inc. may be tax deductible; check with your accountant. Our IRS number is 47-1824249 Cause for Paws Cares Inc.

While we serve the Bowie area primarily, we have been know to assist in other communities.

You can review a listing of additional Rescue Organizations at this link.

FREE for Life


  • Pet Chip Registry. Any Chip Mfr.

Become a volunteer member - join us

Volunteers Needed!

  Volunteers needed to provide critical services like transportation.
   Volunteers needed to assist with education and outreach efforts. 
   Volunteers needed to staff exhibitor booths at events (lots of fun!).
  Volunteers needed to care-take for community cat colonies.
  Volunteers and supporters of all ages are welcome.


Pet Chip Registry. Any Chip Mfr.


Please order through Amazon com and have shipped to us at Cause for Paws Cares. Or if purchased locally, telephone and we will pick up! 301-980-0444 Connie

  • KMR liquid and any brand of Kitten canned food
  • Arm and Hammer Super Scoop Litter Dustless
  • Temptations Tasty Chicken Treats, the kitties love these
  • Purina One Tender Slices Chicken Dry Food
  • Canned cat food
  • Friskies Shreds canned food


Board of Directors


  Connie Carter 

Board Members

  Ted Chambers

  Barbara Lewis

  Teri McGinn

  Carol Paterick

Medical Adviser, Susan Maturo, DVM



Bowie T-N-R

Community Cats

     Community cats are free-roaming cats seen in communities nationwide. These cats are stray, lost or abandoned. Some may be friendly, though many are unsocialized, feral and cannot be adopted.
     The City of Bowie adopted Resolution R-70-14 on November 17th, 2014 endorsing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) as the best non-lethal program for resolving community cat issues. The City supports the efforts of local participants performing TNR toward reducing the community cat population.

Maryland County Laws Feral Cats

As of June 2015, Maryland surveyed the counties to produce the report linked below (PDF format).  Prince George's County begins on page 43.

Maryland County Laws Regarding Feral Cats

One Kitty at a Time

We sometimes have to rescue a single kitty from a litter because of special circumstances.  This is one of the recent rescues, Beauty.  She requires a lot of dedication to ensure her survival and eventual adoption into a forever home.

Cable Shows

Cable Shows: The cable shows may be viewed on Verizon Channel 11 and Comcast Channel 77. My Story Time show is aired Monday through Friday at 7 a.m. and at 5 p.m. My Cause for Paws Adoption Show is aired Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Painless Way to Donate- Amazon!

If you shop through Amazon.com, here is a painless way to donate to Cause for Paws Cares, Inc. Purchase through the AmazonSmile link https://smile.amazon.com/ch/47-1824249. It brings you to the same Amazon store that you are familiar with AND Cause for Paws Cares, Inc. receives a percentage from Amazon as a donation to us based on your purchases.  Read our "Need List" for ideas to donate to the kitties.


Cause for Paws Cares, Inc. highly recommends adopting a cat from us to create cheer.  Give a pair as a gift to see the year-long happiness of the receiver.  Contact us at 301-980-0444 and ask for Connie to schedule your visit to our nursery.  We have all ages available depending on the time of year, from small kittens to older - something for everyone.

Our felines have their shots, are spayed or neutered, and are ready to be a part of a family of humans. 

Call today.


Co-hosts Carter and Kate help Miss Connie read books and help teach humane education.  April 2016

Cable Adoption Show

Scott McGinn and Connie with China. Many wonderful kitties for adoption. Check our adoption page for details. Contact me to visit. 301-980-0444.



Cause for Paws Cares - July/August adoption show


null YOUTUBE.COM Cause for Paws Cares Cat and kitten adoptions

Lots of great cats and kittens available.


Connie with doggies ready for adoption.
Wednesday January 27, 2016

Video - educating children


Cable Shows: The cable shows may be viewed on Verizon Channel 11 and Comcast Channel 77. My Story Time show is aired Monday through Friday at 7 a.m. and at 5 p.m. My Cause for Paws Adoption Show is aired Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Keep Them In Your Heart, Song by Scott McGinn for Cause for Paws

VIDEO - educating children


Story time Cable Show January 2016


We are a nationally recognized Nonprofit Charity, 501(c)(3), focused on pets and community animals. IRS#47-1824249

We are also a shelter and adoption group. Find us on petfinders.com/shelters/md443.html

We produce educational and adoption videos. find us at Verizon Channel 11 and Comcast Channel 77.

About Bowie
Bowie, the city, was originally called Huntington City. In 1880, the Maryland legislature changed the name to Bowie in honor of Oden Bowie who was the president of the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad.


We interact and work with the City of Bowie Animal Control, Prince George's Animal Management, veterinarians and animal hospitals, animal adoption and shelter centers, and local residents for animal wellness, protection, rescue, and adoption. We are staffed by caring community volunteers. We trap, transport, educate, present, advise, screen, investigate, report, protect, adopt, represent, advocate, rescue  and much more.


  • The cost to taxpayers is staggering.  By helping us, the taxpayer burden is reduced.
  • Education on community animals is virtually non-existent. Our education and outreach programs impact many lives - both animal and human.
  • Seniors, families with reduced and little income, neighbors and friends, are surprisingly not aware of  help close-by or feel shame in asking.  Our assistance is deeply passionate and far reaching.

We need volunteers and we need donations. Either or both are appreciated.  Donations can be goods or money.

Follow us on Facebook.

Contact Us

Office: +1 (301) 980-0444

eMail: causeforpaws70@yahoo.com

Serving primarily in the Bowie, Maryland area.

Every little bit helps. DONATE to Cause for Paws Cares, Inc.


Webmaster Carol Paterick


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